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EX1 Records is not your normal independent record label, but don't take our word for it. Recognized by the industry, including winning awards and accolades from Billboard and others, EX1 Records industry experience and investment in artists and their music has resulted in many achievements and firsts, including the launching of the solo career of Wolfgang Van Halen, taking both his debut single and album to #1 in the Billboard charts, global chart presence, and his first ever Grammy nomination.  It also worked closely with KK Downing in the creation (and even creating the name) of his new band, KK's Priest, with the debut album achieving #1's around the world, and laying the foundations for the next stage of his career after Judas Priest. In an ever changing industry, EX1 Records continues to evolve and adapt to support and meet the demands of Artists in todays ever changing music industry.

Mammoth WVH # British Lion # Coney Hatch # KK's Priest # Riker Lynch # The Raven Age # Voodoo Six # Wolfgang Van Halen # + More

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